Invitator – FB Automation

This program is now obsolete because of changes at the Facebook site.

invitatorInvitator is a Facebook Events Automation Tool. It can help people as event managers etc. to automate the selection of friends fom wole lists. Invitator is bundled with Midori browser, and cooperate with it to the automation process.


  • With a click at the program’s icon on the desktop, or at the ‘Start’ menu, Invitator and Midori opens together.
  • When you login at your personal account and go to the friend’s invitation windows of the prefered event, you must scroll down the friends list to load all the available friends.
  • After that, a click at the ‘Available friends’ button of the Invitator UI, shows an orange strip at the top of the Midori browser, wich inform you, how many friends from the list are available to get invitations. This, or a smaller number, must be placed at the ‘Ticks’ text box, of the Invitator UI.
  • Next, by pressing the ‘Start’ button and selecting the first friend of the top of the list, Invitator start selecting the friends, one by one until the amount given at the ‘Ticks’ text box. At any time, user can stop the auto-selection process by hit F12.
  • Invitator works with the present Facebook’s Interface version. Any limitations and proper use policies imposed by the Facebook, should be in mind of the end user. The program is provided as is, and programmer disclaimed of any and all kinds of responsibilities.

Video Preview