A small, open source, windows application for massive validation of Luhn Numbers, Greek Vies VAT IDs and Greek Social Security IDs.


  • Running on .NET 3.5 platform
  • Validate Luhn numbers, Greek Vies VAT IDs, Greek Social Security IDs
  • Extensible Multilanguage Interface (english and greek for the moment, but you can add your own language creating .lang files)
  • Powered by Validation.dll and Props.dll libraries
  • Distributed with both Setup Program and Portable (zip archive) formats
  • FreeBSD Licensed


  • Place the numbers in the input box – one number per line – (usefull for pasted numbers from spreadsheets), select the method you want to validate with and press the button “Validate”.
  • The results imediately appeared, with the inputed numbers and a green V (means valid) or a red X (means invalid) next to each number.
  • To validate new set of numbers press “Close results” and the result box returns to input mode again.
  • To clear with one click the inputed numbers just press the button with X at the right of “Validate” button.



Get the program:

Download Setup   Download Portable