Here is tiny GUI tool, to perform subnetting calculations. This program targeting .NET 3.5 framework. It uses the SubnettingCalcs library, to do the calculations. It comes in a standalone executable, so doesn’t need installation to run.


From IP and Netmask (or Netmask Length) and provide info about:

  • the Netmask,
  • the Netmask Length,
  • the Network Hosts Capacity,
  • the Netowrk Prefix,
  • the Broadcast Address,
  • the Highest (last) Host IP
  • and the Lowest (first) Host IP.

The user interface is simple, as you can see at the screenshot.
Also you can copy to the clipboard, or save to a file the results.


The program got many hotkeys, so:

  • Enter : do the calulation
  • F5 : clear all fields
  • F2 : copy the results to cliboard,
  • Ctrl+S : save the results to a file using
  • F1 : see the about box


This library is open source software and licensed under the terms and conditions of the FreeBSD License.


Download SubnetCalculator   Checkout Source