A Greek to Latin transcription tool, for text and filenames.


Ellat, transcript greek text into latin, using the ELOT 743 (ISO 843) standard.
Except the text input, this program, using the MS Windows drag’n’drop features, can be used as file renamer, transcripting greek filenames.



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* The application, targetting MS Windows platform with .NET 3.5 framework


Text Mode

To transcript greel text, you can input the text into the greek text box, by these three ways:

  • Input text using your Keyboard
  • Use your mouse to Drag’n’Drop text into the text box
  • Load text from File, using the ‘File->Load Greek text’ or (Ctrl+O) option

You can save the transcripted text, using the ‘File->Save Latin text’ or by pressing the (Ctrl+S) shorthcut.

Also, at the ‘File’ menu, you can find the option to change the text boxes Font family, size or effects.

From the ‘Edit’ menu, you can quickly paste greek text (F2). or copy latin text to the clipboard (F3). Also you can change the case of the transcripted text, to Uppercase (F5), Lowercase (F6), or leaving it as imputed (F4). Finally you have options, to replace spaces with Hyphens (F7), Underscores (F8), Trim them (F9), or leaving them ‘As-Is’ (F10). These options may be useful for the the ‘Files Mode’ described next.

Files Mode

To use Ellat as file renamer, you simply drag’n’drop a file from your desktop to the greek text box. Immediately the in latin text box, are showing the new transcripted file names. At the status bar, a new drop down button appearing, with selections for renaming, doing copies with new names, or quit this
‘Files mode’. Except files, Ellat support the renaming of folders, but no copy creation for them. After the renaming, you can drag’n’drop new files at the greek box, to do the same process. The status of the processing, when its started, is showing at the lating box. A system sound notify you for the end of the process.


  • 2.7 – Minor user interface enhancements.
  • 2.6 – Font family, size and effects selection added.
  • 2.5 – Load greek text from file. And save latin trascripted text to file added.
  • 2.0 – Files renaming mode, by drag’n’drop added.
  • 1.5 – Extra text trascription technics added at the edit menu. Such as case and spaces transformations.
  • 1.0 – First version. Only text trascription supported.


This project is free software, distributed under the terms & conditions of the FreeBSD License. For more info see at the license.txt file, distributed with this project. If not, visit </freebsd-license/>.