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The Afterzip is a desktop program (uses Java Swing for UI) usefull for split large files into smaller pieces for easier transmission (e.g., e-mail) or storing them to removable media such as floppy disks, memory cards, etc. and of course merge them back to the original file.


Afterzip is written in Java, so JVM ver 1.5 and above must be installed at your system.


You can run Afterzip from your desktop by clicking on afterzip.jar if you have associated jar files with java runner, or you can start Afterzip from the console giving javaw -jar Afterzip.jar On MS Windows systems, if the path variable for the JRE is setted correctly you can run Afterzip, by double clicking on afterzip.exe included in the zip archive you download, or just use the installer and start the program from the shortcuts from the Desktop, or Start Menu.


After the split proccess, except the parts of the original file at the selected folder, you will find a file with the same name but with the extension .assembly_info. This file is needed (and of course the file parts) from the merge proccess to get back the original file.


This program is free software distributed under the GNU GPL 3, for license details see at license.txt file, distributed with this program, or see at

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English UI

Greek UI


Windows installer

A multilanguage Windows installer to setup the program on your system, JVM 1.7 required
Download Setup

JVM 1.7

greek and english archive with jar and windows runner, JVM 1.7 required
Download Greek Archive Download English Archive

JVM 1.5 (can run on MS Windows 9x)

greek and english archive with jar and windows runner, JVM 1.5 required
Download Greek Archive Download English Archive

Source code

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