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A tool for collecting and administrating product parcels.



A daily work email sending automation tool.



RMA number and packaging management tool, with emailing and label printing capabilities.



Email automation tool for package vouchers.



A very tiny (5kb) and easy (just execute) tool for restarting the TaxLine2 Software.
TaxLine2 uses an icon at the notification area as the entry point to its interface. But many times the icon disappearing! And users need to restart the pc to solve this issue. This tool simplify and automate the process without the need of a system restart.


E-SHOP.GR iPhone WebApp

An iOS Web Application E-SHOP.GR S.A. corporate social networks streams, corporate site news, offers from crazysundays.gr and an iOS native look and feel for site product categories navigation.

A WEB 2.0 mashcup, using iWebKit for the design, SimplePie class for the feed handling, Feed43 Service for the feed extraction from site, Google’s Feedburner for the feeds management, Facebook and Twitter feed services and a lot of PHP scripting…


E-SHOP.GR Java Mobile App

Java Mobile Application for E-SHOP.GR S.A. corporate social networks news and offers.

Public Presentation of this Java ME Application (presentation is in greek)


E-SHOP.GR Nokia Widget App

Application for E-SHOP.GR S.A. corporate social networks news and offers from crazysundays.gr

Public Presentation of the second version (UI & functionality improvments)
Public Presentation of the last improved version (crazysundays.gr offers added)
(presentations are in greek)