Introducing Synaptics Glitch Fix

Synaptics Glitch Fix is a command line tool for quick fix the annoying Synaptics Scrolling Glitch appearing on some machines with synaptics touchpads and make scroll icon stay stucked on screen after the end of the scroll.

This program is open source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL 3 License.
For more info, updates and downloads see at the Project’s Home Page.

LIBEAY32 Fix for Corsair Utility Suite (CUE)

The Corsair Utility Suite (CUE) at many setups crases at the system startup reporting an error of access at LIBEAY32.DLL

About this fix

This fix contains the appropriate version of LIBEAY32.DLL ver. borrowed it from The OpenSSL Project and automate its installation in the Windows folder.

This Fix packaged with Inno Setup System, with the care of Petros Kyladitis, with the hope to be usefull at CUE users arround the world.

OpenSSL Shared Library

Copyright (c) 1998-2018 The OpenSSL Project
Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Eric A. Young, Tim J. Hudson


Download Fix

Program Update – Klepsydra goes to v1.3

Klepsydra, the desktop countdown timer with sound alarm, now at v1.3 got:

  • Add option for system shutdown
  • Load window at last position

As its predecessor, the new features also uses native WinAPI calls and avoid any extra libraries and OCX dependencies.
For more info, updates and downloads see at the Project’s Home Page.

Klepsydra 1.3 system shutdown feature (english and greek UI)