Subnetting Calculator, Library & GUI Application

On the occasion of the subZraw’s article about the subnetting I create a library (dll) targeting the .NET platform, called SubnettingCalcs, which can do subnetting calculations, and provide info about network hosts capacity, netmask length, netmask, network prefix, lowest (first) host IP, highest (last) host IP & broadcast address at string dotted address format, decimal format with 4 cell byte array and binary format with 32 cell byte array with 0 and 1 values.

The library licensed under the terms of FreeBSD License. You can find more info and documentation at dedicated page at my site (/public-projects/subnettingcalcs-dll/) .

Also I made a small, portable, application which transfer the library’s capabilities to the end user desktop. The application called SubnetCalculator. It distributed under the terms of FreeBAD License and I made a dedicated page at my site (/public-projects/subnetcalculator/), from where you can download it.