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Otecat 3: greek whitepages number info search tool Updated

otecat3-0Otecat 3 is the new updated version of reversible number search tool from OTE white pages service for the desktop. Since OTE introduce their new white pages site, the old version of Otecat didn’t work, so a remake was necessary.

Unfortunately, the information provided by OTE are limited. Information on the profession of the holder of the relevant number removed and also is no longer possible to search for information on numbers that do not belong to the OTE network.

As the prior version, Otecat 3 targets .NET Framework 3.5, is free software (licensed under the therms of GNU GPL v3) and distributed in portable format (no installation is nessesary, just extract the files from the distribution’s archive at your folder you prefer and run the otecat.exe). Also the function of local cache still exist to speed up searches.

For more info, updates, downloads or checkout the code see at the program’s home page