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Otecat Mobile for Firefox OS

otecat-firefox-marketplace-qrThe mobile version of Otecat, for searching greek telephone number information, is now available at the Firefox Marketplace for Firefox OS and as a desktop app for Firefox for Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Firefox for Android.

You can install the application from the Firefox Marketplace at the url
or by scanning the next QR Code


aWallet acquires Greek localization

aWallet and aWallet Cloud are two powerfull android password managers. The first one is free and the second is a paid application. Except sacurely password storing and managing, you can create backups or export data in CSV format. Also with the aWallet Cloud you can sync your password data securely between devices in cooperation with major cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
From the version 3.4.2 of aWallet and from the next update of aWallet Cloud I proudly contributing to the project, by making the Greek localization.
For more info, see at the Localization Project’s Page.


php-iconA PHP Class with usefull functions for modern greek unicode text manipulation, such as transcript greek to latin, or upper case greek letters stripped from accent marks.

string to_latin($str)

  • Convert greek letters at the string to latins, as ISO:843 / ΕΛΟΤ:743 defines
  • $str string to convert
  • Returns converted string

string strtoupper_no_accent($str)

  • Convert unicode string to upper case, without accent marks for the greek letters
  • $str string to upper case convert
  • Returns converted string

bool is_upper($char, $notGreekException = false)

  • Check if $char is upper case
  • $char is the character for checking
  • If $notGreekException == true, throws exception when char is not greek
  • Returns true if $char is upper case, else false

bool is_lower($char, $notGreekException = false)

  • Check if $char is lower case
  • $char is the character for checking
  • If $notGreekException == true, throws exception when char is not greek
  • Returns true if $char is lower case, else false

Download      Frok it at Github

This project is free software, distributed under the terms & conditions of the FreeBSD License.

ZArchiver acquires Greek localization

zarchiver-logoZArchiver is an android application to manage archives. It’s great not only as an archiver, but also as an android file manager. From the version 0.6.6 I contribute to the project, making the Greek localization.

For more info see at the Localization Project’s Page.

Screenshots from greek UI

OEM Information Editor

oemedit-v1Microsoft let OEMs to add information such as company name, model, support details and logo to the Windows System Properties dialog box. From Windows 95 to XP this was possible by changing specific system files: oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp. From Windows Vista and above (7, 8, 8.1…) this changed and it’s possible by changing registry entries.

So, OEM Information Editor is a simple utility for setup or change the OEM Information at MS Windows Vista and above, without make manual changes to the registry.

You can set or change the entries for:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Support Hours
  • Support Tel
  • Support URL
  • Path to a Logo image*

The program is open source (GPL3 Licensed), designed for MS Windows Vista or later MS windows versions supported both x86 or x64 architectures and requires the .NET Framework 3.5 be installed on your system.

You can download it, find more info and updates about from the OEM Information Editor home page at /public-projects/oemedit/

Office13 Tweaks

office13tweaksA dead-simple MS Office 2013 Tweaking Utility, evolution of Office13Typani, is out now!


  • Disable/Enable Typing Animation
  • Disable/Enable Applications Start Screen
  • Remove/Restore Skydrive right-click Context Menu
  • Customize Default Outlook Attachments Save Folder

This program is free software distributed under the GNU GPL 3, for license details see at ‘license.txt’ file, distributed with this program, or see at


For downloads, updates and more info see at the Office13Tweaks home page </public-projects/office13tweaks/>

Otecat Mobile Web App Launched

otecat-mobile-searchOtecat Mobile is the mobile web version of the desktop application Otecat, for searching telephone number information.

Using edge mobile web standards, provide a smooth and rock-solid Touch-Optimized experience for all popular mobile device platforms.

With mobile use in mind, had also functionalities such as, direct call of the searched number and geolocation of the address of the searched number, using the Google Maps.

otecat-mobile-qr-100Access Web App
To access Otecat Mobile go with your mobile browser at
or scan the next QR Code

For more info
For more info about Otecat Mobile, screenshots, guide to add it at the home screen of iOS and Android devices, updates and much more see at the project’s home page at

MS Office 2013 Typing Animation Disable Setting

This program replaced by Office13Tweaks, with more features!
For downloads, and more info see at Office13Tweaks home page at

Microsoft adding a typing animation effect at MS Office 2013 to make typing appear smoother. But if you’re typing fast or you work on a slow machine this can be distracting and annoying. The problem is that you can’t be able to disable this effect from the MS Office settings.

So, with the open source MS Office 2013 Typing Animation Setting program, you can easily switch it on and off, with just one click. Avoiding the unsafe registry editor usage. To take effect the option change, you must restart the MS Office, if it’s open, or user logout maybe required.


Book review: “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”

local-storage-bookBefore some days, Packt Publishing, published a new book titled “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”, by Alex Libby. It’s a very well and clear written book, which provides an easy to understand introduction to the LocalStorage technology.

Each chapter deals with a new receipt and moves the reader step by step deeper to this HTML5 feature understanding.

Clarifies the difference between LocalStorage and SessionStorage, and make a comparison between the old fashioned cookies and this fresh approach.

Recipes not stands to pure JS usage of LocalStorage but combining it with the popular jQuery, Modernizr and other useful libraries and techniques, such as store.js, cache manifest etc., which make the LocalStorage usage more easy, very powerful and bypassing a lot of problems. Also learn you how to use JSON to store objects, arrays, TTL and images in LocalStorage.

Except of all these, considered the use of LocalStorage in the mobile field, at offline web applications usage and with well-targeted examples for LocalStorage integration in CMS and forms.

Summarize all these, “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”, is nice a book for web developers with HTML and JavaScript knowledge, who wants a fast track, based on practical examples, introduction to the LocalStorage technology.