Monthly Archives: December 2012

FaxCovers: creation and printing program

Faxcovers is an easy fax cover page creation and printing program, with receivers list support. Also support sender details saving, automatic load of the last receiver details, font and size selection for the cover. The interface is available at English and Greek, but it’s easy expandable to other languages, (if you interested to translate it to your language, use the en.lang file as the base and send me your translations to include them at the next release and take the appropriate credits at the program’s about box).

It has created for the .NET 3.5 platform and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Lisence. It’s available for downloading at setup and portable (running without installation) packages.

For downloading, more info and updates see the project’s home page at

Barbelo – the S60 wardriving tool: C drive hack

Barbelo is an open source S60 tool for discovering and logging (in Kismet XML format) the wireless networks (and their details) around you. In combination with GPSd you can log geolocation data for these networks. But the program, oringinaly save the logs to e:\barbelo\logs path without the posibility of change it, so if no memory card exist on your phone, the program crash.

So, I create a hacked version of the program, that save the logs to the internal memory.
For more info, updated and downloads see at the Project’s Page.

Here are some screenshots: