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Migrate contacts list from S60 to Android

Forget OVI manager, computer connection or OTA sync.

The easiest way to migrate your contacts list from S60 to android is by select all contacts (from the S60 contacts menu) and copying them to memory card.

After that eject the microSD from S60 and pluged in your Android device. Go to android contacts menu and select to import all contact files founded in memory card.

If your S60 does not have memory card but only internal massive memory (N97, N95 etc.) after the copying contacts to massive memory, go to ‘other’ forder from file manager, select all .cvs files and send them via bluetooth to your android device. After select search and import contacts from android’s microSD.

Nokia C3 restart problem solution

If your Nokia C3 do a restart every time you press the green button, in home screen, or going to to view the latest calls, don’t panic! You don’t need, factory reset, firmware re-installation or service care.

The solution may be so simple.
Just try to go to Menu → Contacts → Log and delete the recent Call Log.

Sync Sony Ericsson contacts with GMail

Sony Ericsson dumb phones (platform A100/A1000), have great build-in synchronization capabilities.
It’s so simple to sync contacts with GMail.

Just go to Settings → Connectivity → Synchronization and set:

  • Name: Whatever you want
  • Server address:
  • User name: Your Google account username
  • Password: You Google account password
  • Connection: The mobile internet connection profile
  • Applications: Contacts

Now you are ready to synchronize!

Greek language for LockNote

Steganos LockNote is an amazingly simple coryptography notebook for MS Windows.

Every text you insert in the LockNote saved not as an encrypted file, but as new LockNote executable with the encrypted text included! And of course you must pass the right password to view them. And because the program is the same file with the message, the receipt of the encrypted text does not need any software installed to open the file!

LockNote now have Greek Interface!
You can see more info, updates and download from the Project’s Home Page