Hashes Generator


Hashes Generator is a web (and mobile friendly) app, to generate hahes of the most common nowadays hash algorithms and encode/decode text with Base64 method.

Supported hashes & encoding


To use Hashes Generator web app, just visit the url apps.multipetros.gr/hash/ from your browser.

Write or paste your text to the text box on the top and press the Calculate button.
Immediately, the calculated hashes will apper at the placeholders above within 3 groups.
At the first group you will get the hases in Hex form.
At the second group you will get the same Hex values encoded in base64.
And at the last group you will get the CRC calculation and the given text encoded in base64.

If you have a long text to encode to base64, or an encoded base64 text and want to decoded it to the original text you can press the Base64 link from the top menu bar and write or paste the text into the first text box.
Then by pressing the Encode or Decode button you will get the desired output.

At all cases, the Reset button clear all (input and output) fileds.



For the hash generation, the web app uses the jsHashes library
The DOS inspired UI, based on the BOOTSTRA.386 Bootstrap theme, from kristopolous
The font to be responsible for this retro appearance is the Fixedsys Excelsior, a unicode implementation of the Microsoft’s Fixedsys font. Fixedsys was one of the first fonts to be included with DOS and MS Windows.