Barbelo – “C drive hack”

Barbelo is an open source S60 tool for discovering and logging (in Kismet XML format) the wireless networks (and their details) around you. In combination with GPSd you can log geolocation data for these networks. But the program, oringinaly save the logs to e:\barbelo\logs path without the posibility of change it, so if no memory card exist on your phone, the program crash.

barbelo-v0.3-cdrive-hack.sis is the hacked* version of original installation package in which, at barbelo.exe (0x8894 to 0x88B1 poss) changed to c:\DATA\warwalk to store the logs into the phone internal memory at the warwalk folder. barbelo-v0.3-cdrive-hack.sis is self-signed.

*although, the program’s source is available, but for this small change, it was easier to hack the binary code, than download, configure and recompile it with the grumpy Carbide.c++ 😛

Here are some screenshots: