puzzle-iconSubnettingCalcs is a library (dll), targeting the .NET platform, wich do subnetting calculations from IP and Netmask (or Netmask Length). On this library based the desktop program SubnetCalculator


It provide info about:

  • the Network Hosts Capacity,
  • the Netmask Length,
  • the Netmask,
  • the Netowrk Prefix,
  • the Broadcast Address,
  • the Highest (last) Host IP
  • and the Lowest (first) Host IP.

The info can retreived:

  • in strings, formated as dotted decimal,
  • in 4-cell byte arrays, formated as decimal arrays,
  • in 32-cell byte arrays, formated as binary arrays with o and 1 values.


The library is open source and licensed with FreeBSD License.


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