A graphic version of the DOS tree command, wich allows the user to view a listing of files and folders in tree structure.

You can choose to view folders only without the files and/or ASCII art for tree nodes. Also you can change font face, size, style, fore and background color. And of course you can save the tree structure to text file.


This program is designed for MS Windows with .NET Framework 3.5 installed.


  • Starting, select the folder you want from the File -> Select Folder menu, or using the Ctrl+O shortcut, or just Drag’n’Drop the folder from your desktop to the VisualTree main window.
  • The process starts automatically.
  • Now, you can save the tree structure at a file from the File -> Save Tree menu option, or using the Ctrl+S shortcut.
  • To change files view options, ASCII nodes, font and colours you have to see at the Settings menu.


This program is free software distributed under the GNU GPL 3, for license details see at license.txt file, distributed with this program, or see at


If you think that this program is helpful for you and you are willing to support the developer, feel free to make a donation through PayPal.



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