Syncthing Silent Runner

syncthing-logoRun Syncthing at MS Windows, without the console’s window.


When you run Syncthing at MS Windows, a console appears and still on your desktop until you shutdown the Syncthing application. No argument is available to start Syncthing without the console.

So, Syncthing Silent Runnet, is a minimal 3rd party solution for the annoying unhideable Syncthing command line window.

Is an Open Source tool (FreeBSD Licensed), written in C and uses the Windows API. After the Syncthing hidden execution, the program is closing and leave the Synchting running at the background.


No installation or configuration is required.

  • To start, just put the executable at the same folder where Syncthing is placed, and run it!
    After the successful execution of Syncthing, this runner silently terminated itself, otherwise inform user if any problem occurred.
  • To terminate the Syncthing, open the program’s web UI and select Shut down


Download Portable (zip)   Checkout Source