An MS Windows graphic front-end for the Google Guetzli JPEG Encoder.

Guetzli is an advanced JPEG encoder, with a complete new psycho-optical model, introduced by Google, claims better visual result with smaller file size. And it’s 100% compatible with the JPEG format.

Google provide a command line tool for the Guetzli encoder, although with this Windows front-end you can easily put files to an encode queue, select the output folder and the encoding quality.


This program is designed for MS Windows with .NET Framework 4.5 installed.


  • Starting, add images files to the queue list by pressing the Add Files button, Drag-n-drop files from Desktop or Windows Explorer.
  • You can multiple select inserted items to remove them from the list.
  • After that you can select the output folder you by pressing the Output Folder button, or menu, or Drag-n-drop folder from Desktop or Windows Explorer.
  • You can also select the encoding quality. The default value 84 is the standard quality, but you can increase it to 110 of libjpeg-turbo score process starts automatically.
  • To start the encoding process just press the Start button.
  • Please be patient. The Guetzli encoder gets a significant lot of time (and memory) to do the encoding.
  • If you want to interrupt the process, you can press the Stop button.

Change Log


  • Moved to .NET Framework 4.5, to be compatible, the encoder download functionality, with TLS 1.2 which now used by GitHub


  • Initial release


This program is free software distributed under the GNU GPL 3, for license details see at license.txt file, distributed with this program, or see at


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