Some times, before runing a program we need to change the system date to a specific one. PlayOps is a command line tool to automate this process, with the ability to restore to the original current date, after the programs termination.

PlayOps use an ini file to store its parameters. You can configure this file by the hand, or from the PlayOps interface (if ini file does not exist in the pogram’s folder, or by running the PlayOps with -r or -reset parameter).

Also you can use the -s or -show parameter to see the existed ini file properties.

To see info about the program and the available command line parameters run the PlayOps with the -? parameter.

PlayOps it’s free software, licensed under the terms of FreeBSD license and runs in Windows machines with .net framework 3.5. To do the ini file operations uses the Multipetros.Props.dll library. Also make use of MS Windows kernel32.dll functions to deal with the system clock.

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