pycon0032Here is a line numbering program for text files, writted in Python.


Counting text file numbers and create a new one, with the lines numbered at the begining of each line. Also, supports custom delimiter and/or no leading zeros from line number.
It have Command Line Interface, using the GNU style for parameters.


In short: lines.exe [-h] [-v] [-l] [-o OUTPUT_FILE] [-d DELIMETER] INPUT_FILE

Complete Manuall
positional arguments:
INPUT_FILE Input file path
optional arguments:
-h, --help show help message and exit
-v, --verbose Verbose output
-l, --no-leading-zeros Don’t add leading zeros
-o OUTPUT_FILE, --output OUTPUT_FILE Output file path (if not specified, the output filename is as the input, appended ‘-line-numbered the end)
-d DELIMETER, --delimeter DELIMETER Delimeter between line nubers and the begining character of each line (by default, used a space)


This is free software, distributed under the terms and conditions of the FreeBSD license.


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