Command line tool, for display message boxes and receive user answers, usefull for MS Windows batch scripting


This program is designed for all versions MS Windows, without dependencies, using Windows API.


msgbox [-m message] [-t title] [-b buttons] [-i icon] [-d Default button] [-r Return mode]

The button (-b) switches are:

Short switch Long switch Description
o ok for OK (default)
oc okcancel for OK And Cancel
rc retryccancel for Retry And Cancel
yn yesno for Yes And No
ync yesnocancel for Yes, No, And Cancel
ari abotretryignore for Abort, Retry, And Ignore
ctc canceltrycontinue for Cancel, Try Again, Continue

The icon (-i) switches are:

Short switch Long switch Description
e exclamation for exclamation-point icon
q question for question-mark icon
w warning for stop-sign icon
i info for lowercase letter i in a circle icon

The default selected button (-d) switches are:

Switch Description
1 The first button is selected (default)
2 The second button is selected
3 The third button is selected

The return mode (-r) switches are:

Short switch Long switch description
s str for print string user’s answer output.
n num for print numeric (button id) user’s answer output.
e err for Return the button id As exit code (default).

Exit code is accessible from the %errorlevel% variable. Usefull for batch scripting, etc.:

> msgbox -m "My Message" -t "My Title" -b o
> set myvar=%errorlevel%
> echo %myvar%

Exit or Output Codes & Strings:

Code String Description
1 OK The OK button was selected.
2 CANCEL The Cancel button was selected.
3 ABORT The Abort button was selected.
4 RETRY The Retry button was selected.
5 IGNORE The Ignore button was selected.
6 YES The Yes button was selected.
7 NO The No button was selected.
11 CONTINUE The Continue button was selected.
10 TRYAGAIN The Try Again button was selected.


This is free software distributed under the FreeBSD license.

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