A smart, user friendly and flexible, electronic ordering system (Point Of Sales) for caterer companies, such as coffee shops, restaurants etc.

Works inside the company’s local network and because of its web interface, can be used from any type of devices (mobiles, tablets and desktops with any OS).

The UI is optimized for mobile touch capable devices, but can also work seamlessly from desktop systems.

Product categories, multiple properties for each product with price changing, quantities and discounts are supported. Numbered tables logic or non-numbered logic is supported as the management needs.

Also, the system is capable to deliver messages from the waiters to the bar.

The login is being safe by using users and passwords. Also user roles, waiters and managers, are supported, that give to the managers the capability to see analytical daily reports and sums for all the orders and the stuff.

The system is require a PC with MS Windows and supports printing from every installed printer (also thermal printers), local or network. The existence of a printer is not necessary. The system can also work in paperless mode, by floating the new orders at the installed PC screen.