Program Update – Vatlidator 3.0 now support validation for all EU VAT IDs

Vatlidator 3.0 - English UIAfter interruption, Vatlidator 2.1 is not longer retrieve VAT ID info.

Now introducing the Vatlidator 3.0, a whole new validation and info tool for all the EU VAT IDs (AT, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, EL, ES, FI, FR, GB, HR, HU, IE, IT, LT, LU, LV, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK), retrieving information directrly from the European Commision VIES SOAP Service.

The new interface, now supports two languages, Greek and English.

As its predecessor, is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL 3 with installer and portable package available.

For downloads, updates and more info see the program’s home page.

Mobile App BorderlandVAT updated

Μειωμένο ΦΠΑ νησιώνMobile web app version, of the desktop BorderlandVAT, to calculate VAT differences on some Greek islands, updated to latest VAT changes and except of that goes full screen capable at mobile devices when you put it on home screen.

Also a list of these islands is accesible from the app’s interface.

For more info, downloads & updates you can see at the Mobile BorderlandVAT project’s home page.

Validator 2 – Now with support for GSIS Gov Gr web service

vatlidator2-2It’s available the new version of Validator, the open source (GNU GPL3) desktop program, targeting .NET 3.5, for Greek VAT identification number (ΑΦΜ) validation, with support for receiving vatin’s holder info from the GSIS Gov Gr web service.

Now it uses the latest versions of Multipetros.Validation.dll for the vatin validation, Multipetros.WebServices.dll for receive data and jQuery library for optimization of their presentation.

For more info, downloads and updates see at the Vatlidator home page

WebServices.dll library – ver 1.1

networkMultipetros.WebServices is an open source library (FreeBSD Lisenced) library writted in C#, targeting the .NET Framework 3.5, with classes which interact, wrapp and invoke web services.

At the moment these classes are available:

– class AfmInfo
Automate the downloading process of RgWsBasStoixEpitRtUser object for a given Greek VATIN using the SOAP messages from the Greek GSIS Government web service. The downloaded object have fields with info about the given VATIN.
AfmInfo also used as a wrapper that convert RgWsBasStoixEpitRtUser fields into Properties and provide better and safer access ways. Except the Properties, have Methods to get the original dowloaded object and a Dictionary with the Properties Names as dict. keys and their values as dict. values.

– class GoogleCurrencies
Download exchange rates for supported currencies from Google’s web service.
For downloads, documentations and updates see at the projects page at


A validation tool for greek VIES VAT IDs. Targeting the .NET platform 3.5
Uses ViesGr.dll. to check if a greek VIES VAT number is valid
(NOT if exists and corresponds to a natural person or a legal entity).

Also supports an automated multilingual interface, by using .lang files combining the use of Props.dll. You can add more languages by generate .land files based on, who founded in your program installation folder. If you see your language file at the next distribution and get your mention, just contact me.

The application distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License in to two versions. One complete with installer and one portable (all-in-exe) but stripped from multilingual support.

You can download the version you prefer from my folder.
Complete version with installer:
Portable version:

BorderlandVAT 1.5.0

An updated version o BorderlandVAT.
At this version added option for all VAT rates (higher: 23%, middle: 13%, lower 6.5%).

You can download the new version from my place.
(The executable file included in the zip archive, runs without need of installation)


BorderlandVAT is an open source (GNU GPL Licensed) tiny tool for the .net platform, that calculates the final price of products for greek reduced VAT territories, from pricelists issued for the rest of the greek territory. For more info see at the first program’s announcement.

BroderlandVAT, for greek reduced VAT territories

In Greece, for islands of the prefectures of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Dodecanese, Cyclade and for the islands Thasos, Samothrace, Northern Sporades and Skyros, apply a reduced VAT of 30%, rounded to the nearest unit.

A program that calculates the final price of products for these islands, from pricelists issued for the rest of the greek territory is if anything useful.

Here is a tiny solution, written in C# and targeting the .NET framework. Distributed under the terms and conditions of GNU GPL License

For more information see at my Google’s Project Hosting Homepage for BorderlandVAT
or can directly download the release archive from my folder