Fix for Xperia XA NFC issue after update to Android 7

The owners of Sony Xperia XA (single SIM models XA F3111, F3113, F3115, and dual SIM variants F3112, F3116), after apply the official Sony’s update to Android 7.0 – Nougat, may be faced problems with enabling and working with NFC.

The solution solution of this problem is so easy:
Just clear the system’s cached files (Tap Settings → Storage & Memory → Tap Details → Tap Internal Memory → Tal Cache Data and Answer positive at the question of Clear the Cached data) and restart their devices!

Sync Sony Ericsson contacts with GMail

Sony Ericsson dumb phones (platform A100/A1000), have great build-in synchronization capabilities.
It’s so simple to sync contacts with GMail.

Just go to Settings → Connectivity → Synchronization and set:

  • Name: Whatever you want
  • Server address:
  • User name: Your Google account username
  • Password: You Google account password
  • Connection: The mobile internet connection profile
  • Applications: Contacts

Now you are ready to synchronize!