Bringing a dead Nokia phone back to life

If the firmware updating, or any other experimental process, failed and your phone becomes brick. It’s not a good experience. But the hope dies last. So, a solution to this problem called NAViFIRM and J.A.F.

With the first you can download the original firmware for your phone. It’ very easy to use, just you need to know is your phone’s model and the firmware version you want (usually the latest). NAViFIRM downloads and save at the appropriate path (C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-xxx) the files needed by J.A.F. to flashing your mobile.

After you got downloaded your firmware files, J.A.F. get to do the dirty job. First of all, select Manual flash, Dead USB, Factory Set, Normal Mode from Flash Settings and Life Time Reset from Service Settings. Then, at Flash Settings select INI option. Now, J.A.F. opens a dialog to select your mobile model. Then click FLASH from Operations group.

Now follow the J.A.F.s instructions: with the sim card inserted, unplug the battery, plug it again, connect your phone with the Nokia CA-101D usb data cable to your computer and press the your phone’s power button.

That’s all! With some good luck your phone will become alive!

Nokia C3 restart problem solution

If your Nokia C3 do a restart every time you press the green button, in home screen, or going to to view the latest calls, don’t panic! You don’t need, factory reset, firmware re-installation or service care.

The solution may be so simple.
Just try to go to Menu → Contacts → Log and delete the recent Call Log.