Introducing VisualTree – a graphic version of the DOS tree command

VisualTree is a graphic version of the DOS tree command, wich allows the user to view a listing of files and folders in tree structure.

In VisualTree, you can choose to view folders only without the files and/or ASCII art for tree nodes. Also you can change font face, size, style, fore and background color. And of course you can save the tree structure to text file.

This program is open source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.

For more info, updates and downloads see at the Project’s Home Page.

Introducing AfraidDnsUpdater – a system tray updater for Afraid free DNS service

AfraidDnsUpdater is an MS Windows System Tray program for auto update Afraid.org Free DNS service.

You can select the interval update time in minutes, and enable/disable program’s autostart at Windows boot.

This program is open source software, distributed under the terms of the FreeBSD License.

For more info, updates and downloads see at the Project’s Home Page.

Confing.dll Released

puzzle-iconMultipetros.Confing.dll is an open source (MIT Licensed) .NET library with classes for easily confinguration properties manipulation.

There are three (3) classes, the SimpleIni Class, the Ini Class and the RegIni Class. The first two of them are contacting with flat text files to store the properties in the common used INI file format and the other one with the MS Windows Registry.

For more info, full documentation text, downloads and updates, see at the project’s home page at /public-projects/libraries/confing-dll/

Introducing TouchedFiles

An open source program, builded for .net 3.5, to find and open last edited files, of the selected path. You can also enable or disable recursive searching in its subfolders.

By default, the program searches for files have modified, or created one day before and after. But this can change by modifying the date picker.

For more info, updates and donwload see at the project’s home page multipetros.gr/public-projects/desktop/touchedfiles/

Ellat: A Greek to Latin transcriptor tool, for text and filenames

ellat-v2.6-screenshot-0Ellat, transcript greek text into latin, using the ELOT 743 (ISO 843) standard.

Except the text input, this program, using the MS Windows drag’n’drop features, can be used as file renamer, transcripting greek filenames. It’s an open source program, targetting MS Windows platform with .NET 3.5 framework.

For more info, updates and download see at the project’s home page

Otecat 3: greek whitepages number info search tool Updated

otecat3-0Otecat 3 is the new updated version of reversible number search tool from OTE white pages service for the desktop. Since OTE introduce their new white pages site, the old version of Otecat didn’t work, so a remake was necessary.

Unfortunately, the information provided by OTE are limited. Information on the profession of the holder of the relevant number removed and also is no longer possible to search for information on numbers that do not belong to the OTE network.

As the prior version, Otecat 3 targets .NET Framework 3.5, is free software (licensed under the therms of GNU GPL v3) and distributed in portable format (no installation is nessesary, just extract the files from the distribution’s archive at your folder you prefer and run the otecat.exe). Also the function of local cache still exist to speed up searches.

For more info, updates, downloads or checkout the code see at the program’s home page

GrabADA: Diavgeia’s project one-click downloader

grabada-0GrabADA is a portabke, open source one-click downloader tool for greek governing documents from the project Diavgeia (diavgeia.gov.gr) by using the ADA (ΑΔΑ): Internet Post Number of the document.

The documents are downloaded at pdf format, in the folder of grabada’s executable, or at any other selected from the program menu.

For more info, and updates see at the GrabADA home page.

OEM Information Editor

oemedit-v1Microsoft let OEMs to add information such as company name, model, support details and logo to the Windows System Properties dialog box. From Windows 95 to XP this was possible by changing specific system files: oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp. From Windows Vista and above (7, 8, 8.1…) this changed and it’s possible by changing registry entries.

So, OEM Information Editor is a simple utility for setup or change the OEM Information at MS Windows Vista and above, without make manual changes to the registry.

You can set or change the entries for:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Support Hours
  • Support Tel
  • Support URL
  • Path to a Logo image*

The program is open source (GPL3 Licensed), designed for MS Windows Vista or later MS windows versions supported both x86 or x64 architectures and requires the .NET Framework 3.5 be installed on your system.

You can download it, find more info and updates about from the OEM Information Editor home page at /public-projects/oemedit/