Mobile App BorderlandVAT updated

Μειωμένο ΦΠΑ νησιώνMobile web app version, of the desktop BorderlandVAT, to calculate VAT differences on some Greek islands, updated to latest VAT changes and except of that goes full screen capable at mobile devices when you put it on home screen.

Also a list of these islands is accesible from the app’s interface.

For more info, downloads & updates you can see at the Mobile BorderlandVAT project’s home page.

What’s My IP – Mobile Web App

whats-myip-icon-256A mobile oriended web app, to see your public IP, geolocation based on IP, possible Proxy HTTP Headers and the user agent string.

Using edge mobile web standards, such as HTML5, jQuery Mobile etc., provide a smooth and rock-solid Touch-Optimized experience for all popular mobile device platforms. Also it use the webcache API for reduce network data usage.

“What’s my IP” web app, is available for any mobile web platform. Especialy for Firefox OS decives or devices with Firefox Browser, you can download and install the application from the Firefox Marketplace at

For more info and instructions how to install it at your mobile home screen see at the application’s home page at /public-projects/whats-my-ip