Turbo Client acquires Greek localization

Turbo Client is an FTP and SFTP client for Android. Builted following the latest Android guidelines that creates a sleek and intuitive experience.
From the version 1.7, I contribute to the project, making the greek localization.

Greek localization for BareFTP


bareFTPis a lightweith graphical FTP Client for Linux. It looks like gFTP, but looks more stable and have better management of UI space (uses tabbed view for messages and transfert progress instead of two boxes). It supports FTP, FTPS, SSH and SFTP tranfers. Also uses GnomeKeyring for secure local storage the passwords of bookmarked ftp sites.

In concertation with the developer, I took the effort of the greek localization of the program.
For more info, updates and downloads see at the Localization Project’s Page.