Updated Crossflash Firmware for Linksys WAG200G

openwag1.4The Moho’s Crossflash Firmware (that converts annex B to A and vice versa) for Linksys WAG200G, wich are based on Open WAG200 have been updated to version 1.4

If you already had installed any prior version of these firmwares, to update to the new version you must select the same annex as your router is, before the prior update.

(For example: you have a annex B router and you had installed the Crossflash Firmware B to A v1.2 to covert it to annex A, so, to upgrade to v1.4 you must install the Crossflash Frimware B to A v1.4, NOT the A to B.)

For downloads and more info see Linksys WAG200G convert annex B to A and vice versa post.

Bringing a dead Nokia phone back to life

If the firmware updating, or any other experimental process, failed and your phone becomes brick. It’s not a good experience. But the hope dies last. So, a solution to this problem called NAViFIRM and J.A.F.

With the first you can download the original firmware for your phone. It’ very easy to use, just you need to know is your phone’s model and the firmware version you want (usually the latest). NAViFIRM downloads and save at the appropriate path (C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-xxx) the files needed by J.A.F. to flashing your mobile.

After you got downloaded your firmware files, J.A.F. get to do the dirty job. First of all, select Manual flash, Dead USB, Factory Set, Normal Mode from Flash Settings and Life Time Reset from Service Settings. Then, at Flash Settings select INI option. Now, J.A.F. opens a dialog to select your mobile model. Then click FLASH from Operations group.

Now follow the J.A.F.s instructions: with the sim card inserted, unplug the battery, plug it again, connect your phone with the Nokia CA-101D usb data cable to your computer and press the your phone’s power button.

That’s all! With some good luck your phone will become alive!

Linksys WAG200G convert annex B to A and vice versa

For a long time, a very good Linksys WAG200G gathering dust in a corner, because was ANNEX B and still unusable on my PSTN line… until now! I made a risky decision, to flashing the router with a custom firmware, which convert it to ANNEX A functionality.

Searching the net I found two firmwares, menioned by Moho at forum, which are based on OpenWAG200 project, and convert annex a routers to b and vice versa.


To avoid bricking your WAG200:

  • Language setting must be set to english prior to flashing the firmware
  • Do not flash via remote internet connection or wireless connection – flash ONLY from wired LAN PC
  • If flashing will take more than the progress bar is telling you, wait patiently for about 10 minutes before manually restarting the router….

If you are not so lucky and you got a bricked router, read Unbricking WAG354G tutorial from Marco Vedovati, his advice is likely to work and at WAG200.