Otecat Mobile for Firefox OS

otecat-firefox-marketplace-qrThe mobile version of Otecat, for searching greek telephone number information, is now available at the Firefox Marketplace for Firefox OS and as a desktop app for Firefox for Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Firefox for Android.

You can install the application from the Firefox Marketplace at the url
or by scanning the next QR Code


HTML5 localStorage exploit at Chrome, Safari, Opera & IE

html5-local-storageCurrent versions of Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE they implement HTML5 localStorage quite unsophisticated, ignoring the affiliated sites (and subdomains) storage limit as provided by the specification. So, by setup perpetually subdomains exploiting this weakness, and with some tricky code, a site can fill up completely the user’s hard disk space., create proof-of-concept web site, the and make the code they used available at the GitHub, also with submitting bug reports to all exploitable browsers dev teams.

This exploit can affect systems with Chrome 25, Safari 6, Opera 12 & IE 10 and prior versions of these browsers with localStorage feature.

The only bullet-proof major browser is the Firefox, because of smarter and more in line with the standards implementation, of the localStorage feature.


I’m a Firefox fun, from the days of ‘Firebird’. And I also believe that internet should be open, public and accessible.

Anyway, some times, when I try to open the Firefox, the process of before ‘closed’ browser still alive, prompted me about that and the only way to reopen the browser is by hitting ‘Alt+Ctrl+Del’, open the task manager, find the process and terminated it manualy. That’s so annoying I think…

So, I made the Firerestarter. An open source tiny tool, written in C#, targeting the .Net/Mono framework, that do the ‘dirty’ job for us. It can be used for any programm you want, not only for Mozilla Firefox.

For more information see at Google’s Project Hosting Homepage for Firerestarter
Or downloading the release archive directly from my folder