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Otecat Mobile Web App Launched

otecat-mobile-searchOtecat Mobile is the mobile web version of the desktop application Otecat, for searching telephone number information.

Using edge mobile web standards, provide a smooth and rock-solid Touch-Optimized experience for all popular mobile device platforms.

With mobile use in mind, had also functionalities such as, direct call of the searched number and geolocation of the address of the searched number, using the Google Maps.

otecat-mobile-qr-100Access Web App
To access Otecat Mobile go with your mobile browser at apps.multipetros.gr/otecat
or scan the next QR Code

For more info
For more info about Otecat Mobile, screenshots, guide to add it at the home screen of iOS and Android devices, updates and much more see at the project’s home page at multipetros.gr/public-projects/otecat-mobile-web-app