Book review: “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”

local-storage-bookBefore some days, Packt Publishing, published a new book titled “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”, by Alex Libby. It’s a very well and clear written book, which provides an easy to understand introduction to the LocalStorage technology.

Each chapter deals with a new receipt and moves the reader step by step deeper to this HTML5 feature understanding.

Clarifies the difference between LocalStorage and SessionStorage, and make a comparison between the old fashioned cookies and this fresh approach.

Recipes not stands to pure JS usage of LocalStorage but combining it with the popular jQuery, Modernizr and other useful libraries and techniques, such as store.js, cache manifest etc., which make the LocalStorage usage more easy, very powerful and bypassing a lot of problems. Also learn you how to use JSON to store objects, arrays, TTL and images in LocalStorage.

Except of all these, considered the use of LocalStorage in the mobile field, at offline web applications usage and with well-targeted examples for LocalStorage integration in CMS and forms.

Summarize all these, “Instant HTML5 Local Storage how-to”, is nice a book for web developers with HTML and JavaScript knowledge, who wants a fast track, based on practical examples, introduction to the LocalStorage technology.