Updated Crossflash Firmware for Linksys WAG200G

openwag1.4The Moho’s Crossflash Firmware (that converts annex B to A and vice versa) for Linksys WAG200G, wich are based on Open WAG200 have been updated to version 1.4

If you already had installed any prior version of these firmwares, to update to the new version you must select the same annex as your router is, before the prior update.

(For example: you have a annex B router and you had installed the Crossflash Firmware B to A v1.2 to covert it to annex A, so, to upgrade to v1.4 you must install the Crossflash Frimware B to A v1.4, NOT the A to B.)

For downloads and more info see Linksys WAG200G convert annex B to A and vice versa post.

Changes from version 1.2

  • Fixed: Minor bug in MySetup
  • DDNS page
  • Fixed: Immediately termination of trafficstat.sh before FW upgrades
  • Added: BOOTP support on DHCP server for PXEclient
  • Added: pppd noauth option for PPPoE Client Mode
  • DSL Driver Info link added to DSL Connection status page
  • PPP Debug Enable button added to Gateway status page
  • Minor improvements on DSL Driver Info/Firmware Upgrade pages
  • Added: Option to disable HTTPd
  • Added: Ability to change HTTP DocumentRoot
  • Fixed: AR7 DSL bit allocation graph
  • Changed min. redial period from 20s to 15s
  • Minor UI improvements and cleanups